Friday, October 14, 2011

"Cooperating" Teacher

On Tuesday, a group of girls from the lovely state of Wisconsin joined us to do their student teaching practicum at CEDEI School. My student teacher is a doll. She is smart, has already connected with the kiddos, and she is Packers' fan! BONUS! :)

I can't lie though, I'm a tad nervous. We were told that this experience is meant to be more of a "co-teaching" experience, but I still can't help but feel pressure to be the awesome cooperating teacher that I was blessed with in my student teaching practicum. My student teaching experience in Postville was incredible, and I hope that I can provide Kelsey with a great experience as well. I just don't want her to walk away feeling disappointed; I want her to learn from me the way I learned from my phenomenal cooperating teachers.

On another note, I will be home in 66 days, and I canNOT wait! I have a document on my desktop entitled "Home Sweet Home" with a list of the places I want to go, the people I want to see, and the food I want to eat. I promise that I am enjoying every single day that I am here, but it is definitely a comfort to think of the beautiful people I will be seeing soon! :)

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